Cold Shoulders

by Jay Nordlinger

In the final installment of my Salzburg journal, up today, I mention that Jacqueline Bisset sat a few seats down from me at a Vienna Philharmonic concert. I report that she ignored me — “just as she has done my whole life. So rude.” Then, toward the end of the journal, I mention that Anna Netrebko and I were on the same flight to New York.

A reader writes, “Just have to know, did Anna ignore you, too?” I prefer to think that I snubbed her.

Another reader writes, “A law-school friend bumped into Karen Allen in an aisle at a D.C. bookstore. She smiled what he described as the most incredible smile at him. Somewhat stunned, he ignored her — and regretted it very much afterward.”

I don’t blame the guy too much. I would think that, to be smiled at by Karen Allen, would be . . . paralyzing, as WFB would say (complete with that pause).

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