CEI Launches Big Labor vs Taxpayers Index

by Iain Murray

Today, CEI, in collaboration with Crossroads GPS, has launched the Big Labor vs Taxpayers Index.

Using 1,150 data points, the index ranks each state in 23 different categories to determine where government union lobbyists have maximum sway over policymakers, and where the fiscal concerns of taxpayers are most strongly represented.

The initiative’s interactive map allows citizens to easily navigate the data and find information about government employee union activity in their states. The entire index can be viewed at CEI’s labor policy website, WorkplaceChoice.org.

The top five states where taxpayers win out over Big Labor are Tennessee, Utah, Idaho, Texas, and Florida. The bottom five are…well, I think you can guess, but check the link to have your suspicions confirmed.

We’re going to be improving the index as an ongoing resource with the help of state think tanks so that the latest news about Big Labor in your state is always just a click away.

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