New Hampshire GOP Preps for Chairman’s Exit

by Brian Bolduc

Only seven months into the job, Chairman Jack Kimball of the New Hampshire Republican party may be on his way out. Jerry DeLemus, chairman of Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC, tells National Review Online he has proposed a deal to ensure a smooth transition to new leadership.

Tomorrow, the party’s executive committee is scheduled to meet, and Kimball’s opponents claim a majority of its members have committed to vote for his removal. But DeLemus, a Kimball ally, called Rep. Frank Guinta’s office yesterday to ask that the party’s top five elected officials — Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Rep. Charlie Bass, Rep. Frank Guinta, state-house speaker William O’Brien, and state-senate president Peter Bragdon — agree to a more dignified exit for the chairman: If they cancel tomorrow’s meeting, devote more funds to paying the party’s debt, and cease the “public and private attacks” against everyone involved, Kimball will resign immediately.

So far, DeLemus hasn’t heard back from Guinta’s office, but he hopes party officials will listen to his call for compromise. “If they out Jack, what do they win?” DeLemus asks. “What is the end result? That they’ve taught the Tea Party a lesson?”

We’ll have a more extensive look at the behind-the-scenes wrangling on the homepage this afternoon. 

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