Obama Attempts to Trump GOP Presidential Debate

by Andrew C. McCarthy

As Rush has been saying today, President Obama has told congressional leadership that he wants to come to Capitol Hill to address a joint session of Congress on September 7 at 8 p.m., to announce this year’s plan to rescue the economy (apparently on the anniversary of last year’s plan to rescue the economy). The requested date and time just happen to coincide with the previously scheduled date and time for the next scheduled GOP presidential candidates debate — the first in which the current frontrunner, Gov. Rick Perry, will participate. The White House says that politics played absolutely no part in its choice of a date. Of course not. 

There is no reason why Obama needs to make his announcement before a joint session of Congress — any more than there was any reason why, if he really has a cure for what ails us, he needed to delay it for a couple of weeks while he went on his Martha’s Vineyard vacation. He could have announced it on the 18th hole. In any event, it will be up to House Speaker John Boehner whether to grant the president’s request.

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