Try and Celebrate the Holiday

by Jay Nordlinger

In Impromptus a couple of days ago, I had a couple of language notes, including one on the curious construction “try and”: “I’m going to try and finish my project today,” rather than “try to.” This item occasioned much mail — including a note from a lady in Minneapolis, which I’d like to share with you:

“Here in Minnesota, I occasionally hear something spoken in the senior generation: ‘take and,’ as in, ‘I’m going to take and go to St. Paul this weekend.’ Where does that come from? Same place as ‘try and’?”

No idea. I also had no idea that today was a major national holiday — no, international holiday. Listen to this reader (who has begun with another subject): “As an aside, my wife felt a craving for bacon this morning — not even knowing that it was International Bacon Day.”

I’ll be.

P.S. I hope our kosher- and halal-keeping friends will forgive the heading over this post. Maybe they can find a tasty substitute (for bacon, I mean, not necessarily the heading)? I think I remember that, in my home growing up, we had fake bacon, along with fake eggs (“Egg Beaters”). More healthful. And definitely blechhhh. (I don’t think this experiment lasted very long, chez nous.)

P.P.S. Remember powdered milk? Shudder . . .

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