Two Americas

by Mark Steyn

On the one hand, Teamsters mob boss Jimmy Hoffa Jr. can stand on stage, at a podium bearing the presidential seal and with the chief of state sitting a few feet away, and make his Hoffa-you-can’t-refuse pledge to “take these sons-of-bitches out,” and President Obama responds by saying how “proud” he is of Hoffa.

On the other hand, every week “edgy,” “dangerous,” “transgressive” comedians stand on stage, trip over some pansified PC nicety, and find themselves forced into groveling apology tours and counseling and awareness raising.

Strange. Underneath the blizzard of f-words, the comedy industry is decaying into an interminable rainbow-coalition version of the closing homily in “My Three Sons” when Fred MacMurray explains that a man is never so tall as when he stoops to pick up his fellow man’s hat.

Meanwhile, if you want to see edgy, dangerous stand-up, you’re better off at an Obama fundraiser.    

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