DeMint: Obama Treats Congress ‘Like Children’

by Robert Costa

Columbia, S.C. – Sen. Jim DeMint tells National Review Online that he is tired of being treated like a child by President Obama.

“He believes people are stupid, or at least not smart enough to catch onto him,” DeMint says, shaking his head, days before the president unveils his jobs plan. “In some ways, to position himself as a leader, he calls us all in like children in the Congress, coming over to announce his jobs program. At least the implications, the subtleties there, suggest he’s leading us. That’s what he’s trying to do. But from a businessman’s perspective, it’s really intolerable.”

“He’s going to put some things out there and dare Republicans to block it,” DeMint predicts. “If we agree with it, then we own it with him. If we block it, then he can blame us when the economy doesn’t get better. So he’s playing a game with this. And he’s going to try to radicalize Republicans by calling us tea-party Republicans.”

“That’s going to be his strategy,” DeMint says. “He can’t run on his record. So it’s got to be psychological warfare, demonizing the Tea Party, creating a boogeyman.”

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