9/11 -- A Decade Later

by Yuval Levin
The Fall issue of National Affairs, which will be out on the first day of the season in a couple of weeks, will include two essays related to the 9/11 anniversary: one by Wilfred M. McClay on the challenges of commemorating that dark day, and one by Peter Skerry on the state of the American Muslim community and its key organizations and leaders a decade after the attacks. With the anniversary approaching, we’re making both essays available today as previews: Here’s the McClay piece, and here’s the Skerry one.
And stay tuned for the rest of the issue, with essays on inflation and the Fed, the meaning of means testing, our country’s obsession with educational achievement gaps, the political struggle over competition in American life, and much more. Some of those will be available online for free when the issue is out, or you could subscribe and read them all.

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