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Bob Turner, in the Lead


 That is what a new poll finds in the congressional race for the seat formerly occupied by Anthony Weiner: 

Magellan Strategies BR today released the survey results of an automated survey of 2,055 likely voters in New York’s 9th Congressional District.  The survey was conducted September 1st, 2011 and has a margin of error of 2.16%.

The survey finds Republican Bob Turner leading Democrat David Weprin by 4 points (Turner 44.6%/Weprin 40.4%/Hoeppner 3.2%/undecided 11.8%).  Ballot intensity benefits Turner with 35.8% of the respondents definitely voting for Turner while only 28.3% of respondents definitely voting for Weprin. 

Both candidates have comparable name recognition (Turner 89% name recognition/Weprin 88% name recognition).   However, Turner’s image is 37% favorable to 23.8% unfavorable, while Weprin’s image is 29.8% favorable to 34.5% unfavorable.     

Turner leads Weprin despite the fact that Democrats have almost a 5 point lead on the generic ballot.   However, President Obama’s job approval suffers (36% approve/52% disapprove/13% no opinion).

The special election is a week from today.


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