Greek to Us, Unfortunately

by Jay Nordlinger

At the beginning of Impromptus today, I take a little shot at His O-ness (as is my wont, true):

From what I know about the speech President Obama will deliver on Thursday, he does not need the U.S. Congress as his venue — SEIU headquarters will do. But, of course, Obama is addicted to grandiosity. At the convention in Denver in 2008, he had his “Styrofoam Greek columns,” as Sarah Palin put it.

A reader writes,

Dear Jay,

I think that it was entirely appropriate for then-nominee Obama to use “Styrofoam Greek columns” as a backdrop. After all, in less than three years he’s managed to give us a Styrofoam Greek economy.

I like it when someone out-snarks me. Makes me feel almost judicious.

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