‘We Will Not Threaten to Kill or Inflict Bodily Harm’

by Mark Krikorian

David Frum quotes from a 2003 settlement agreement between the Teamsters and a picketed employee to provide some context to Hoffa’s call to “take these son-of-bitches out”:

We [the Teamsters local] will not threaten to kill or inflict bodily harm, make throat slashing motions, make gun pointing motions, challenge or threaten to fight or assault employees, threaten to sexually assault non-striking employees or their family members, threaten to follow non-striking employees to their homes, use racial epithets or obscene gestures at non-striking employees doing business with COMPANY, or on any security guard, supervisor, or manager of COMPANY or neutral employers doing business with COMPANY in the presence of employees

If only we could get the rest of the Democratic machine to make the same promises.