by Jay Nordlinger

A few extensions and additions to my Impromptus today:

1) I’m pretty hard on Huntsman for all his bragging and self-love. “He’ll die in his own arms,” is one of my favorite expressions. It’s true, however, that you have to sell yourself when you run for president, and that a campaign involves a lot of “Here’s why me, and not the other guy.” Still, the better candidates find a way to do this without being insufferable.

2) I say, “Funny that Bachmann referred to my right-wing Cuban pals down at the Café Versailles as ‘the Hispanic community.’” (This eating place is one of the most cherished and delicious spots in Miami.) “The Hispanic community” is largely a political and psychological notion. It refers to La Raza, Sonia Sotomayor — that whole grievance industry.

One of my favorite stories of all time has to do with the admissions office at the University of Michigan Law School. This came out in a Supreme Court case. Somebody in the office asked whether Cuban Americans should count as “Hispanics.” Someone else responded, “Don’t they vote Republican?”

Just so.

3) Bachmann referred to her “biological children” and her “foster children.” I write, “I’ve always disliked the expression ‘biological children.’ All children — all people — are ‘biological,’ in a sense. I can’t think of a better substitute just now. It’s late and I’m typing fast (and thinking slow?).”

This item has triggered some mail. A reader writes, “I have three children, two of whom are adopted. I too cringe at the term ‘biological.’ When forced to describe our situation, I half-jokingly say ‘homemade’ and ‘outsourced.’”

4) Perry is awfully cutesy with this anti-“adventurism” stuff. If he opposed the Iraq and Afghan wars, he should say so. He should explain why they were not in the national interest. But don’t just snark and duck. (Of course, that is half of campaigning, snarking and ducking. Half of column-writing too, you might say.)

5) I write, “I wish one candidate would say, ‘Ten dollars in spending cuts for one dollar in tax hikes? Sure, if you’ll keep to the bargain. The problem is, you guys never keep to the bargain.’”

A reader one-ups me, big-time: “I wish one candidate would say, ‘Ten dollars in spending cuts for one dollar in tax hikes? Aw, just give me nine dollars in spending cuts and we’ll call it even.’”

Brilliantissimo, as the guy in Shine said.

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