McCarthy to Obama: ‘Leave the Two Houses Alone’

by Robert Costa

Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California, the GOP whip, tells National Review Online that he expects House Republicans to respond to President Obama’s jobs speech with a series of individual, “stand-alone” bills. Republicans, he says, are not likely to support the president’s push for a comprehensive legislative package. “Leave the two houses alone and let them go do their work,” he says. “What will happen is, you will get the House to pass something, and then let’s have the debate about it, to see if the Senate can do something with it.”

“If he puts his up, I see it getting broken up,” McCarthy says. “If he puts everything in it, it’s like when your mom put the pill in the jelly, trying to make you eat it. Make each thing stand on its merit. That’s really how it should come. … Why don’t you allow the House to do its work? If you want to talk something about taxes, let’s break that up and do something about tax reform. If you want to talk about infrastructure, okay, we’ll say, ‘Here’s my idea, here’s your idea.’”

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