Is There Some Sort of Pattern Here?

by Victor Davis Hanson

Amid the talk on 9/11 of a few about American leaders hyping the threat of radical Islam, there were lots of disparate events that suggested that they live in an alternate universe.

New York was for the prior week to 9/11 in near-lockdown, given intelligence warnings that Islamic terrorists were seeking to match their destruction of ten years past. Radical Muslims were demonstrating in London, burning the U.S. flag, and, almost in comic fashion, shouting damnations of “freedom” and “democracy.” There were the usual radical Islamist, anti-American protests out in multibillion-dollar aid recipient Pakistan. 

Radical Muslims in Afghanistan were sending more suicide bombers to murder Americans, and are now attacking targets in Kabul itself. In Egypt, Islamists stormed the Israeli embassy and the mob would have killed any Jews they found — so much for diplomatic immunity. In Libya, the “justice” minister of the “rebels” assures us that the new government will not engage in atrocities, or least not too much, since it would be wrong under his envisioned “Sharia Law.” That rebels are targeting sub-Saharan, non-Islamic blacks for killing on charges of working for Qaddafi goes mostly unreported. 

Recently, Prime Minister Mr. Erdogan has dropped any pretense of disguising his virulent anti-Israel, anti-Jewish venom, and is trying to whip up the masses in support of big talk about possible military action. Lurking in the background was the ubiquitous Ahmadinejad still foaming about the destruction of Israel in his rants about Islam. 

“Durban III” is scheduled at the U.N. next week, where once more “the international community” will learn that “racism” does not mean the mass murdering going on in the Islamic world against minorities or throughout Africa, but in Israel alone. 

An alien from distant parts might see a common denominator that many of our elites missed on the ten-year anniversary of 9/11 — namely that lots of Islamic zealots despise constitutional government, freedom of the individual, and secular justice — and all those whom they identify with these values, and they want very much to make that a reality through violence.

In these depressing times, there are only three constants: the U.S. cannot for a moment let down our guard in this long cold war against radical Islam; any effort to distance ourselves from a democratic Israel will neither make us safer nor appease radical Islam, but only encourage radicals to renew their efforts to destroy it on the premise the U.S. cannot or will not do anything to prevent it; and it is abject insanity not to develop as quickly as possible our growing fossil fuel reserves to stop hundreds of billions of U.S. dollars leaving our economically depressed country straight into the boilers of radical Middle East Islamism.

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