Re Re: Like Young

by Michael Walsh

Pretty pow! Jay, “Like Young” was a ginormous hit for Previn when I was a kid, and in fact was the first jazz tune I performed on piano with my little swing trio when I was in high school in Honolulu (in the infancy of His Serene Majesty, which was taking place on the next campus over). And what a treat, Mark, to see and hear the divine Ella swing it among the hepcats at the Playboy manse — love the shot of Hef at the end. Yeah, baby!  

The next thing you know, Jay will be telling us he doesn’t get the “pretty pow!” reference in my lede. It’s from the second greatest movie ever made, the roughly contemporaneous Kiss Me Deadly. Watch in awe as Ralph Meeker disarms a knife-wielding thug on the mean streets of vanished Bunker Hill in downtown L.A. with just a bag of popcorn:

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