Maybe Not the Best Lunchtime Reading, Granted

by Jay Nordlinger

In Impromptus today, which consists of observations on last night’s debate, I am moved to say the following: “When Newt talked about all the ‘waste’ in government, and how getting rid of it would take care of our budget woes, I almost ralphed.” Now, the word “ralph” is not everyone’s preference. This is especially true of people named Ralph. Years ago, I used “yorked,” and a reader accused me of being disrespectful to Byron. (No one mentioned Prince Andrew, or Fergie for that matter.)

The Internet has everything, and that includes many lists of synonyms, such as this one. Let me just say that, where I come from, when I was growing up, “upchuck” was considered downright polite. The squarest, best-behaved people used it.

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