‘Campaigning’ For Jobs

by Andrew Stiles

Team Obama must know it’s in real trouble when even the loyal White House press corps can no longer swallow the administration’s spin with a straight face. At today’s White House briefing, for example, CBS correspondent Norah O’Donnell asked press secretary Jay Carney if the president’s recent “jobs tour,” which features stops in key swings states like Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina, is in fact little more than a campaign stunt. “You’re absolutely right, it is a campaign,” Carney replied. “The President is campaigning–for growth and jobs.” The reporters couldn’t help but laugh. As Charles Krauthammer recently said of Carney: “You’ve got to ask yourself, how much are they paying him? And whatever it is, it’s not enough.”

“Will he take that message, then, to non-swing states?”

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