Livin’ It Up at the Hotel Sarah Palin

by Michael Walsh

I have a pet theory that, at any given moment, some California radio station is playing “Hotel California,” and sure enough, every time I get back to L.A. I flip on the car radio and after a moment’s fiddling, there are the Eagles, still singing about that dark desert highway.

I have a similar theory about MSNBC’s prime-time lineup: On any given weekday evening, you can tune in to the lefty loony bin and at that moment the words coming out of the host’s sneering lips will be “Sarah Palin.”

So, not long ago, I decided to test the truth of my proposition. Lawrence O’Donnell’s show was just coming back from a break, and he hadn’t started to speak yet. He looked at his audience across the ether, curled his lip, and said:

“Sarah Palin.”

Such a lovely place. Such a lovely face. That’s MSNBC for you, programmed to receive — you can check out of your Palin hatred any time you like, but you can never leave.

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