Playing the Verdun Card (Again)

by Andrew Stuttaford

 The tendency of the EU’s political class to warn that Europe will return to the warring ways of its bad old past if the process of building a superstate is stopped is a cliché, but this effort by Poland’s finance minister will take some beating:

[The minister] concluded his comments by recollecting a recent conversation he had with an old friend who is now head of a major bank: “We were talking about the crisis in eurozone. He told me ‘You know, after all these political shocks, economic shocks, it is very rare indeed that in the next 10 years we could avoid a war’. A war ladies and gentlemen. I am really thinking about obtaining a green card for my kids in the United States”.

He went further in his comments to reporters after his speech to parliament, saying that he had chosen his words “in a very careful way”.

He said that the prospect of war is not likely “within a four-year legislative time frame … Not in the months ahead, but maybe over a 10-year time frame, this could place us in a context that is almost unimaginable at the moment”.

Oh please.

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