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Congressman Bob Turner, the New York Times & Mayor Koch


The New York Times has informed my former mayor that they will not be running this letter of his:

September 15, 2011

Letters to the Editor

The New York Times

620 Eighth Avenue

New York, New York  10018

To The Editor:

The Times’ editorial of September 14, “Israel and New York’s Ninth District,” is disingenuous.  It does not accurately state my reasons for having endorsed Republican Bob Turner.  My purpose was to make President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party understand that they can no longer take the Jewish vote for granted.  The security of the state of Israel is a major issue for that constituency. 

I support the two-state solution.  The President’s demand negotiations commence with the pre-1967 lines with swaps does not provide Israel with secure and defensible borders, but it would not have been the defining issue if he had also imposed conditions on the Palestinian Authority, including Hamas.  The demands he should have made on the latter were set forth in my letter to the Times responding to an earlier editorial critical of Israel and of me which the Times published on September 7.  That letter states, “that Hamas renounce terrorism before negotiations begin, and that Hamas amend its charter, which calls for the creation of an Islamic state in ‘Palestine’ and the obliteration of Israel.  Hamas must accept the legitimacy of the state of Israel, and pledge in any peace settlement that it will accept Israel as a Jewish state.  Finally, Israel must have defensible borders, and the homes of the 500,000 Jews beyond those lines in East Jerusalem and on the West Bank must remain part of Israel.”

I know the Times prides itself on a separation between news and editorials.  But one would hope the editorial writers read the Times’ letter columns.

All the best.


   Edward I. Koch


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