Re ‘That Was Fast’

by Jay Nordlinger

Jonah, Waxman says that Jews are wanting to “protect their wealth.” If that is so — why now? Why at this late date, 2011? You remember Milton Himmelfarb’s immortal line, uttered a long time ago: Jews are people who earn like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans. I was talking about this very matter with Ed Koch earlier this summer, in an interview. He said, “They always think FDR is on the ballot.”

I’ll be interested to see how Jewish voters shake out in 2012. My line has always been, “Obama could bomb Tel Aviv and mandate the eating of pork, and he’ll still get 75 percent, minimum.” (I have always eschewed hyperbole, as you know.) We shall see. (Most boring sentence in the English language, along with “Time will tell.”) 

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