Not a Drop To Drink

by John J. Miller

The University of Michigan wants to guilt students into not drinking bottled water and the student government apparently wants to ban it from campus vending machines. Graham Kozak has the story at The College Fix:

In an effort to educate students about the great evils of bottled water, the University of Michigan has spent gobs of money on extravagant new drinking fountains that feature water bottle filling stations and – I’m not making this up – a cute digital counter to indicate how many plastic bottles responsible students have avoided using. Signs laden with water bottle-related facts accompany these fountains, constantly reinforcing the “bottles are bad” meme.

Yet if you’re unwilling to use a refillable container and able to burn the cash, you can still buy bottled water at university vending machines and on-campus stores–for now. That will change if a Michigan Student Assembly initiative to ban the sale of water bottles on campus is successful.

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