Hatch Warns U.N.: If You Change Palestine’s Status, We’ll Axe Your Funding

by Robert Costa

The Utah Republican has a message for Turtle Bay diplomats:

WASHINGTON –U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) announced today that he is introducing legislation, the Solidarity with Israel Act, which will will eliminate U.S. funding for the United Nations if the Security Council or the General Assembly changes Palestine’s current status in the United Nations.

“Israel is one of America’s strongest allies and friends, a beacon of democracy in the Middle East,” said Hatch.  “This vote undermines Israel’s security, and should the United Nations change Palestine’s current status, this legislation would prevent valuable American resources from funding the United Nations.  Make no mistake, there will be consequences associated with efforts to undermine the security of America’s friends and allies.”

The Solidarity with Israel Act is designed not only to deter the Security Council from recommending Palestine become a new member state, but also to discourage the General Assembly from upgrading Palestine’s status. Any increase in Palestine’s status could directly impact the ability of the Palestinians to manipulate such UN-affiliated organizations as the International Criminal Court.  

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