Perry to Keep Fighting in New Hampshire

by Katrina Trinko

Rick Perry may have been given a cold shoulder by the Granite State — he’s polling fourth there right now, 33 percentage points behind Mitt Romney, as Bob Costa noted last night — but his campaign is not giving up on a victory there.

“Our plans remain as they have been: to run competitive races in every state and not to treat the nominating process as a buffet and just pick off the states we think we can win,” Dave Carney, a senior adviser to Perry, e-mails National Review Online. “No one has ever cherry picked their way to the White House.”

That might be a slap at the Romney campaign, which seemed to be considering not competing in Iowa until recently.

Carney, who comes from New Hampshire and is very familiar with the political scene there, dismisses the results from the Suffolk University poll.

“Polls at this point are meaningless,” Carney says. “We have been in the race for less then five weeks. We have miles to go before we catch up with many of the folks who have spent months and years campaigning.”

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