Re: Ponzi Ping-pong

by Michael Walsh

Nicole: Sorry to be piling on here, but you know how we Irish are: One fine day Paddy’s walking down the street and suddenly a barroom brawl spills out onto the sidewalk in front of him. Paddy taps one of the combatants on the shoulder and sweetly inquires, “Is this a private fight, or can anyone join in?” (I think I got that joke from Andy.)

In that spirit, therefore, let me say I don’t concede your point that it’s somehow contradictory to argue that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and to want to fix it over time. Perry, it seems to me, has much the better of the argument, going after the fundamentally unsound nature of the program, whereas Romney is relying on the same old hunky-dory razzmatazz, philosophically speaking. Which is what’s gotten us into this mess.

Finally, this is all just a warm up for the really big fight with Grendel’s angry mom: Medicare. 

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