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Bachmann to Conservatives: Don’t ‘Settle’ for Moderate GOP Nominee This Cycle


Michele Bachmann made a direct appeal to conservatives this morning, asking that they focus on the most conservative candidate, not the candidate deemed most electable.

“Every four years when we look at the presidential race, we are repeatedly told as conservatives that we have to go stand next to the wall or stand in the back of the room, because in that election we’re told, we have to give the nomination to a moderate or to a safe candidate. In other words, we’re told we have to settle,” Bachmann said today at CPAC’s Florida conference in Orlando.

But pointing out President Obama’s dropping poll numbers (and predicting those numbers would drop even lower), Bachmann argued that there was “no doubt” that President Obama would lose the election. She said Florida should start recruiting candidates for the “dog-catcher to the city council to the school board to the state assembly to the senate” who are conservative.

“Find the candidate who most reflects your values, who you believe will actually go to Washington and change Washington and fight for what you believe in,” Bachmann urged, speaking of presidential candidates.

“If there was any election where we conservatives don’t settle, it’s this election,” she said. “This is the election where we can have it all.”


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