Cain’s Speech

by Katrina Trinko

Orlando, Fla. — From the very beginning of his speech delivered to the straw poll delegates this afternoon, Herman Cain had the audience wrapped around his finger.

“Wait a minute, whose teleprompters are these? I’m not using these,” he said of the teleprompters near-by, chuckling as the audience exploded into laughter.

He got at least seven standing ovations. His speech was constantly interrupted for applause and cheers. When he first mentioned, the 9-9-9 plan, the crowd wouldn’t let him say it alone. They started shouting out with him: NINE – NINE– NINE!

And Cain tackled the electability charge straight on.

“Let’s alter another conception,” he said. “Just because somebody has never held high public office, some people are spreading the nasty rumor that Herman Cain can’t win. Well, let me tell you what, that might be what they think, but the American people have a different idea.”

“So when you cast your ballot at this straw poll, send Washington a message: they’re ready for a problem solver, not another politician,” Cain boomed. “They’re ready for solutions, not more speeches.”

Audio recording of speech:


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