Cain: I Can Win the General Election

by Katrina Trinko

In my interview with Herman Cain today, he brushed off those who thought he couldn’t win a general election:

“They are saying that I can’t win a general election based upon what I call the traditional political model,” he says. “You’re going to have to throw out traditional politics because the political landscape is very different than it was before. Look at it this way: Ten years ago, we didn’t have the powerof a citizens’ movement. It is very powerful today, and one of the messages that came out of Florida is just how strong it is.” …


“To be perfectly honest with you, my toughest challenge is winning the primary, not winning the general election,” he adds.

Cain acknowledges he’d consider being vice president if asked — and if he likes the GOP nominee.

“I’m open to it, depending upon who the nominee would be,” he says. He declines to name names, but says he would not be willing to share a ticket with every prospective GOP nominee.

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