You Know You Belong to a Small Tribe ...

by Mark Krikorian

. . . when people excitedly pass around a brief news item reporting that Steve Jobs’s adoptive mother is Armenian. (And have I mentioned that Chaz Bono is a quarter Armenian? And the Delta Faucet was invented by an Armenian?) It reminds me of a scene in The Mouse on the Moon where a BBC announcer is describing how the tiny Duchy of Grand Fenwick has launched a rocket to the moon with assistance from the U.S. and the Soviets, and then notes that the wristwatch worn by one of the astronauts was made in the UK, and cuts to an interview of the manager of the factory where the watch was made. But it could be worse; all the Assyrians have is Rep. Anna Eshoo. (I kid because I love! Assyrians, that is, not Eshoo.).

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