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by Patrick Brennan

Kathryn Jean Lopez makes her fundraising appeal for NRO.

Conrad Black notes historical predictions for the Euro’s collapse.

Kevin D. Williamson decimates Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan.

Victor Davis Hanson cannot reconcile class warfare with first-class living.

Katrina Trinko reports on the GOP’s hippest senior citizen, Ron Paul.

Michael Barone praises Mitch Daniels for talking specifics on entitlements.

Richard Brookhiser provides an excerpt from his new book, James Madison.

Clifford D. May calls for realism in Turtle Bay.

Andrew Stiles argues that an unemployment discrimination law will create jobs — for lawyers.

Lee Habeeb points south — toward America’s future.

Kathryn Jean Lopez also interviews Greg Pfundstein on resisting sex-ed curricula.

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