Re: Free Speech Disaster

by Michael Walsh

Stanley: I am struck by this line from your link to the “diversity” protest at the University of Wisconsin:

The invasion of the news conference was a planned event, egged on by University of Wisconsin Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate Damon Williams. 

Not even Mark Steyn or David Kahane could make something like this up. “Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate”? It’s still early in the morning here in Los Angeles, so I had to make sure I wasn’t dreaming when I read that. But no, there actually is such a position in mad, mad, mad, mad, Madison:

Damon Williams has been named vice provost for diversity and climate, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s chief diversity officer. He will start on Aug. 1.

Williams comes to the university from a position as assistant vice provost in the Office of the Vice Provost for Multicultural and International Affairs at the University of Connecticut-Storrs. There, he led initiatives, provided guidance, and consulted with the campus on issues of diversity and learning, recruitment and retention, strategic planning and enhancing campus climate.

He holds a doctorate in organizational behavior and management from the University of Michigan Center for the Study of Higher and Post-Secondary Education and is nationally recognized in the areas of diversity, leadership and organizational change. 

I like the bit about “enhancing campus climate,” but hesitate to inquire about the details. Co-ed showers and free soap for everybody? No wonder Glenn Reynolds is always talking about the higher-education bubble. When a major state university can afford to spend $150,000 a year on this job description, the end cannot be far off:

Williams will work closely with deans, directors and other campus leaders to promote the recruitment and retention of minority faculty, staff and students; create experiences that help all students to prepare for a world that is diverse, global and interconnected; and provide leadership in promoting a positive environment for the entire university community to live, learn and work.

But why stop there? Why not bump him up to Vice Provost for Diversity, Climate, Fairness, Tolerance, Compassion and Organizational Change? Of such humbug are future Democratic presidents made.

Bring back the trivium and the quadrivium, says me.

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