Helping Pastor Nadarkhani

by David French

Senator Rubio’s statement below in support of Pastor Nadarkhani is extremely welcome, as is today’s statement from the White House. There is absolute unanimity in Washington and across the political spectrum that Iran’s actions constitute a grotesque violation of the most basic human rights. At the ACLJ we are in literal around-the-clock contact with Pastor Nadarkhani’s attorney, and his message to us is clear: Keep pressuring Iran.

What does this mean for you? Share his story. On our docket blog, this week’s stories have been shared almost 30,000 times. Social media can help keep the story alive and also demonstrate to the MSM that we won’t let this story fade. Simply put, the brighter the spotlight on Iran, the greater the chance that we can save a good man’s life. The brighter the spotlight on Iran, the greater the chance he can rejoin his wife and children. We simply cannot leave Iran to its brutality, shake our heads, and lament the injustice. 

Our own government is pressing Iran in large part because the voice of the American people. We understand that Pastor Nadarkhani’s life is precious, his stand for his faith is inspirational (when asked to recant, his response was “I cannot”), and it’s high time we held Iran accountable for its barbarism.

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