A Thought for the First Month of School

by Jay Nordlinger

A few columns back, I had occasion to write this:

When I was in college, I hated it when the professor said, on the first day, “Now, we’re all going to learn from each other.” I wanted to learn from a good, authoritative professor. I didn’t want to learn from my classmates, the ones fornicating and puking back in the dorms. I could hear from them any old time.

A reader says,

I remember my own college experience. On the first day of class, my favorite history professor said something to the effect of “We will have some discussion as the semester goes along. But I will do most of the talking. That’s because I know more than you do.” If he had not, I wouldn’t have bothered taking the class.

Don’t you agree?

Yes. Have a good and fruitful semester!

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