by Michael Potemra

I enjoyed Joe McGinniss’s book about the 1968 Nixon campaign many years ago; I have no animus against him. And NRO readers — having seen the attacks I have undergone for daring not to be impressed with her — should be well aware that I am, to say the least, very far from being in the tank for Sarah Palin. But I have not followed the controversy about the birth of her son, Trig; and so it was not until I watched the recent Canadian TV video about McGinniss’s book that I realized just exactly how crazy Trig-trutherism is. In this video, McGinniss chides Palin for risking the child’s life by trying to rush home to give birth. But is there any doubt that if Palin had been a liberal Democrat, the media spin would all be about how tough she was? “Even though her water broke, she bravely held it in until she got home to Texas/California/wherever, what a tough and remarkable leader she is”?

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