High on Wisconsin

by Jay Nordlinger

At the end of my column today, I sing the praises of Milwaukee’s airport. First of all, there’s one of the greatest signs in all of America: “Recombobulation Area.” (This is the area you go to after the discombobulation of security screening.) Also, they have ping-pong. Also, they have custard — big-time.

But I left something out:


I’m vacationing in your home state of Michigan this week (Glen Arbor), flew through Milwaukee on Saturday, and will do so again Thursday on the way home. You didn’t mention another wonderful, possibly unique feature of the airport there — a first-class used-book store. It’s not the Strand, but it’s mighty good for an airport.

Another reader contributes the following:

If you drive the tollway from Chicago to Milwaukee, you’ll see, just north of the Wisconsin border, a huge sign for the Bong Recreation Area. This honors Wisconsin’s Richard Bong, who was the leading ace of WWII; but I have to smile every time I see it.

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