Krauthammer’s Take

by NRO Staff

From Tuesday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the thought that Mitt Romney will benefit most from Chris Christie not running:

This is another eastern governor from a blue state who talks about reaching across the aisle, who had heresies — in the case of Christie, gun control and immigration, the way Romney has heresies on health care.

Had he entered the race, Christie would have been exposed: he has a personality that you want but not [an ideology] Bachmann, for example, would consider adequate. She said: We don’t want to settle this time. I think he would have gone into the Romney core [constituency] — although, who knows what kind of core it is.

The person who benefits the most from the Christie withdrawal — though the announcement was as surprising as the sun rising in the east — is Romney.

On President Obama telling ABC News’s George Stephanopolous that the American people are not better off than they were four years ago:

He made a mistake. I think he’s ordinarily extremely nimble. .. in debate in ‘08 and when he’s on TV and acting spontaneously — I think he simply made a mistake. What he should have said, and I think if he thought about it in advance he would have said, is: It’s not the right question given the catastrophe I had when I came in. Therefore, the question is: Are we better off today than we would have been without me, without the stimulus, and without x, y, and z — and he’ll name them?

Now, I know that’s a difficult argument to make because it’s all hypothetical, and it’s “jobs saved,” which is a very amorphous, ephemeral number. But that I think is the best case he can make.

And then he goes on the attack.

Look, he can’t run on his stewardship. … No president has ever won with unemployment over, I think, 7.8 percent. He’s going to be around 9 [percent]. Nobody’s ever done that, he’s going to have to do it. The only argument is: The other guys are bad guys, really bad guys. It isn’t only that the Republican ideas are bad, but they don’t like you and they don’t care about you.

And this is a populist argument. They are obstructionists. Why? Because they protect the rich, who are squeezing the middle class and the cause of our catastrophe. That’s his only argument. And he’s going to run with it all the way until November.

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