Two Views of the World

by Roger Clegg

NBC reports that New York governor Andrew Cuomo ordered state agencies Thursday to translate documents and provide interpreters in six languages for immigrants seeking public services.

According to the story, Cuomo said state government for too long made immigrants responsible for learning enough English to apply for public services. “It’s government’s responsibility to figure out how to communicate with the person,” Cuomo declared.

“This is the problem with government today,” countered state Conservative party chairman Michael Long. “We try to do everything for everybody. When immigrants came here at one time, they focused on learning English as fast as possible so they could assimilate into the American culture. This is only enabling people to not try to assimilate because the government will take care of them, which is only increasing the cost of government,” Long said.

Well, there you have it in a nutshell, folks. Which side are you on?

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