Paul Wins Value Voters Summit Straw Poll

by Katrina Trinko

Ron Paul won the Value Voters Summit straw poll yesterday, nabbing 37 percent of the votes. Trailing Paul was Herman Cain (23 percent), Rick Santorum (16 percent), Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann (8 percent), and Newt Gingrich (3 percent).

In a press conference after the straw poll results were announced, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins pointedly noted that 600 people had arrived and registered Saturday morning (the conference began Friday) and had left the conference after Paul delivered his speech, reported CBS News

“Dr. Paul’s standing among Christian conservative voters is growing as people become more familiar with the man as well as the message,”said  Paul campaign chair Jesse Benton in a statement about the straw poll victory. “Dr. Paul is a humble man of faith, who has personally delivered more than 4,000 babies, so he’s well acquainted with the sanctity of life.  And importantly, he never fails to connect the worthiness of the liberty message he champions with that system’s moral superiority over schemes that promote coercive government activism leading to the breakdown of the American family.”

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