Perry’s Guilt by Association

by Peter Kirsanow

In an article entitled, “For Perry, Texas Roots Include Racial Backdrop, ” the New York Times conveys the breaking news that in the rural Texas area in which Rick Perry grew up, some people were known to have used the n-word. The Times also reports that Perry attended  “deeply conservative” Texas A&M, where in the early 1900s the yearbook contained photos of some students wearing Klan robes.

Somehow, I missed the Times report from four years ago entitled, “For Obama, Chicago Roots Include Racial Backdrop,” featuring Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Min. Louis Farrakhan. Nor did I catch the one headlined, “For Obama, Chicago Roots Include Radical Extremist Background,” featuring Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn.

Come to think of it, I’ve missed lots of illuminating Times articles: There’s “For LBJ, Texas Roots Include Racial Backdrop,” and  “For Jimmy Carter, Georgia Roots Include Racial Backdrop,” and “For Bill Clinton, Arkansas Roots Include Racial Backdrop,” just to name a few.

But I’m going to be sure to catch the Times’ upcoming article entitled, “Photos Reveal Obama Marching with Members of New Black Panther Party.” But then, photos of Obama from 2007 aren’t nearly as interesting or relevant as yearbook photos of unidentified students from 100 years ago.

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