Perry’s Guilt By Association, Cont’d.

by Peter Kirsanow

Turns out the New York Times isn’t alone in questioning Governor Perry’s fitness for office because he hails from an area with a “racial backdrop.” Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart, inspired by having  seen The Help, a movie about black maids in Jim Crow Mississippi, insists that Perry (further) explain his family’s leasing of a hunting preserve that bore the n-word, because “you know from history that all of these things (use of the n-word and second-class treatment of blacks) really happened in the Jim Crow South.” 

Even though some of us don’t need to refer to history or movies to know that “all these thing happened,” just like Mr. Capehart, I’m all for explanations. So how about an explanation from President Obama about what attributes a “typical white person” possesses, or why the Cambridge police “acted stupidly,” or why he associated with Reverend Wright for 20 years, or what he thinks of bitter Midwesterners who cling to guns and religion, or what he really thinks of American exceptionalism, or whether he agrees that America is a “downright mean” country, or why his administration dismissed the New Black Panther Party case, or . . .

Forget all those explanations. Just tell us why Fast and Furious was not a galactically stupid idea. Or Solyndra, or Obamacare, or the stimulus, or cash-for-clunkers, or . . .

For the mainstream media, love means never asking for an explanation.

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