Christie to Endorse Romney

by Katrina Trinko

Fox News reporter Carl Cameron is reporting that Chris Christie will endorse Mitt Romney for president. More details as they come …

UPDATE: A Romney aide says Christie and Romney have been in touch for several months.

“They’ve been talking off and on since the spring,” the aide says. “On Saturday, Mitt and Ann had a chance to spend personal time with Gov. Christie and his wife at their home in New Jersey, and Gov. Christie told Mitt at that meeting he was going to endorse him.”

UPDATE II: Talking about the Christie endorsement on Fox News, Perry communications director Ray Sullivan said, “Northeast Republicans are sticking together in this case.” (Hat tip: GOP12)

UPDATE III: Sullivan issues a more formal statement in an e-mail just sent out to reporters:

Gov. Perry has the utmost respect for Gov. Christie and looks forward to his help unseating President Obama next year.  Until then, Gov. Perry will continue traveling the country talking about job creation and getting America working again.  Rick Perry is the only candidate with a proven record of job creation, restraining spending, and lowering taxes to encourage strong economic growth and opportunity.

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