Perry Camp on Cain Surge: ‘Hard to Explain’

by Katrina Trinko


Perry communications director Ray Sullivan indicated today that the campaign had not anticipated Herman Cain’s surge in the polls, but was confident that Rick Perry could gain more support.

“That’s kind of hard to explain,” Sullivan told Fox News host Megyn Kelly in an interview today about Cain’s poll numbers. “Like I said the electorate is fluid. This election has a little bit of an American Idol feel to it these days; sometimes folks are up, sometimes they’re down.”

Talking about Perry’s strengths, Sullivan commented that Romney was a weak frontrunner — and touted Perry’s record.

“Two observations, one that a large swath of the electorate is solidly opposed to Governor Romney who has been running for five years, so there’s a conservative block,” he said. “Our hope is to build on the Governor’s conservative record; we’ve got a lot of time and a lot of resources to do that.”

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