Family Values Don’t Stop at the Rio Grande . . .

by Mark Krikorian

. . . But apparently opposition to Obamacare does. A new poll finds that Hispanic voters want to keep Obamacare by a margin of 50 percent to 29 percent. Now, that 29 percent is obviously going to be the core of the GOP’s strength among Hispanic voters, and candidates would be stupid to ignore those voters. But conservatives shouldn’t fool themselves — the majority of Hispanic voters choose the Democrats because the Left’s message of expanded government is attractive to them. They want bigger government and higher taxes, as this more general poll from earlier this summer makes abundantly clear. Of course, lots of other Americans want this too, but mass immigration helps tip the balance in the Left’s favor over the long run, something the Left actually brags about. (Nor is it just Hispanics; another poll from this summer founds that just 9 percent of U.S. Muslims identify as Republicans.)

Ongoing mass immigration of statists is political suicide. Or rather, it’s ideological suicide, because the Republican party will survive regardless, it will just move even farther to the left than it already has. On the other hand, conservatism — whether of the social or small-government variety — is screwed if we don’t curb immigration and encourage the assimilation of those we’ve taken these past 40 years.

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