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New York Times Gets Religion or Feeds Readers’ Bigotry?


Is there any other read of that long piece on Mitt Romney’s lay leadership in his church than: Seems like a good guy with some leadership skills? 

But then I am not the typical New York Times reader.

The Times’s readership may be perturbed that Romney might take his faith seriously. As Quinnipiac explained this summer: 

“It appears that the American people – especially Democrats – have many more questions about a Mormon in the White House than they do about followers of other religions,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “And most don’t see much similarity between their religion and Mormonism. 

. . .

In a substantial partisan split, 68 percent of Republicans are comfortable with a Mormon president compared to 49 percent of Democrats and 64 percent of independent voters. There are gender and racial gaps: 64 percent of men but only 55 percent of women are comfortable; 64 percent of whites but only 38 percent of blacks. 

Republicans have a 51 – 31 percent favorable view of Mormonism, compared to a split 39 – 38 percent among Democrats and 48 – 26 among independent voters. Men are favorable 50 – 29 percent and women are favorable 42 – 34 percent. Whites are favorable 48 – 31 percent; blacks are unfavorable 34 – 38 percent.