Comedy Hour

by Jay Nordlinger

Practically everyone in journalism has offered his take on Occupy Wall Street. As far as I know, the best reporting and the best commentary have been on this website. I feel especially free to say that, because I have done no reporting or commentary on the subject (that I can remember).

Someone asked me the other day, “Have you gone downtown to see these people?” I confess I haven’t. Look, I grew up with them, back in Ann Arbor. I know this crowd like the back of my hand. Whatever the “cause,” whatever the year or decade, these guys sound, look, and smell the same.

Anyway, Felonious Munk has provided his own take on Occupy Wall Street, here. He is a comedian whose onstage language is, you might say, Pryor-esque. I’m just warning you. His videos, including the one I have linked to, are not rated G, PG, or PG-13. But if the language isn’t a problem, they are well worth watching.

I went down to see Munk in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, where he lives. This was about a month ago, I guess. Wrote him up for the magazine in a piece called “A Comedian Rises.” It’s available on the homepage today, here. Check it out, if you like. Felonious Munk is not for everybody. But he is something new and amazing under the sun.

Strength to his hands, mind, and tongue, I say.

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