Whipsaw Whiplash

by Michael Walsh

As I wrote in this space last week, one of the favorite tactics of the Left is the whipsaw, a mechanism for holding two contradictory points of view simultaneously and beating its opponents over the head with them until their heads melt down a la the final scene of Scanners.

But the key to Alinskyism is the whipsaw, a constantly shifting “moral center” that can argue both sides of an issue at the same time. Thus Alinsky’s love child, Barack Obama, can boast of being rich and siding with the “99%” simultaneously; attack him as one and he’ll say he’s “really” the other. Just look what the Obama administration is doing now, claiming to suspend the “CLASS” act of Obamacare while the president swears to defend it. Intellectually absurd — but emotionally pitch-perfect: Barry as the eternal outsider, battling dark forces inimical. For Alinsky always needs a villain, even if the villain is Alinskyism itself. But what do you expect from a political philosophy that claims up is really down, in is really out, and black is really white?

Now His Serene Majesty is at it again, throwing a classic one-two punch. The first was his announcement that the college student-loan program (which the feds took over completely as part of Obamacare) will now be modified to make it easier for in-hock Diversity Studies majors to stiff their creditors. That’s right, at a time when there’s a trillion dollars of student-loan debt and commercial banks have been forced out of the marketplace by federal (read: Democratic) fiat, Obama proposes to weaken the program even further.

It’s akin to what the Democrats have done with the “payroll tax” reduction: Social Security is already doomed, so let’s pander to the base by cutting FICA taxes on workers (but not employers) and then putting the Treasury on the hook for the difference. Yeah, that’ll work.

In short, it’s the Cloward-Piven strategy, enacted at the highest level of the federal government. What the sixties’ radicals failed to do in the streets, their avatar, Barack Hussein Obama, is accomplishing in the White House.

The second lollapalooza — stunning its audacity — is his claim in San Francisco on Tuesday that “we have lost our ambition, our imagination, and our willingness to do the things that built the Golden Gate Bridge.” And whose fault might that be? The Golden Gate Bridge was finished in four years and under budget, in the teeth of the Depression. Another great urban project, the Empire State Building, went up in 14 months near the end of the Hoover administration. 

Neither project had to contend with the regulation-spewing federal leviathan and its demon spawns, the states of New York and California, and if you’re wondering why the World Trade Center is still a construction site more than a decade after 9/11, that’s a good place to start your ruminations. 

Naturally, the media lets the Dems skate on their internal contradictions. For all that matters is the “narrative” — a heroic president, battling recalcitrant Republicans, gamely battling for the Little Guy and poignantly wondering what has changed in our national character, while at the same time seeking to undermine and scuttle it every chance he gets. 

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