Perry: ‘No Doubt’ that Obama Is an American Citizen

by Katrina Trinko

From the St. Petersburg Times

Adam: Jeb Bush said the other day, the Republican candidates should categorically reject the notion that Barack Obama was not born in America. This came after you expressed doubts about that.. what would you say to him?

Perry: ”I don’t think I was expressing doubts. I was just having some fun with Donald Trump. So I…

Adam: Are you comfortable that he’s an American citizen?

Perry: ”Oh yeah. It’s fun to… ya know lighten up a little bit.. “

Adam: So you have no doubt he’s an American citizen?

Perry: ”I have no doubt about it. But here’s the more interesting thing. Let’s lay out our income taxes. Let’s lay our our college transcripts. Mine’s been on the front page of the paper. So if we’re going to lay out all these things, let’s lay them all out. So, whether it’s college transcripts or income tax, lay them all out. Let the people take a look at them.”


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