I Want the Texas Rangers . . .

by Michael Potemra

. . . to hang on and win this Game Six. Not just because they’ve never won a World Series, while the Cardinals have won rather too often (I speak as a Mets fan); but also because the Rangers’ pitching coach looks like Frank Zappa. (After 50 years in the league, the Rangers are hardly an “overnite sensation,” but the hitting of Nelson Cruz and Mike Napoli is indeed making their “dynamo hum.”)

UPDATE: For the first decade of its existence, the franchise was based in Washington, D.C., and known as the Senators. It didn’t win the World Series there either.

UPDATE II: What a remarkable series of miraculous comebacks! The question now is, has the momentum shifted so decisively that the Rangers cannot win Game Seven? The cliché about the 1986 Series is that after the improbable heroics of Game Six, people don’t even remember that there was a Game Seven. . .

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