Will on Romney: Does Conservatism Have to ‘Settle’ for ‘THIS’?

by Katrina Trinko

From George Will’s forthcoming Sunday column, via Politico’s Mike Allen:

Romney, supposedly the Republican most electable next November, is a recidivist reviser of his principles who is not only becoming less electable, he might damage GOP chances of capturing the Senate: Republican successes down the ticket will depend on the energies of the tea party and other conservatives, who will be deflated by a nominee whose blurry profile in caution communicates only calculated trimming. Republicans may have found their Michael Dukakis, a technocratic Massachusetts governor who takes his bearings from ‘data’ … Has conservatism come so far, surmounting so many obstacles, to settle, at a moment of economic crisis, for THIS?

It’s interesting that Will, intentionally or not, is echoing Michele Bachmann’s language: since late September, Bachmann has been urging conservatives not tosettle for a more moderate candidate in a cycle where it looks very promising that the Republican candidate will win in the general election.

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