OWS Needs a New PR Strategy

by Charles C. W. Cooke

Today, I walked with the Occupy Wall Street brigade during their march, which was arranged in order “to barrage bank CEO’s with 6,000 angry letters from the 99 percent.” (Clearly the 99 percent aren’t big letter writers.) We took a route straight up Sixth Avenue from 41st, up to Citigroup’s headquarters, where the protesters presented a petition. In response, Citigroup sent down a representative who graciously took a handful of the petitions, but declined to take all of the multiple boxes that OWS had brought with them. This heinous “reluctance to listen” — all part of the plan of course — triggered part two of the festivities, in which the petitions were turned into paper airplanes and thrown at the building.

There is nothing inherently offensive about throwing paper airplanes at buildings, although it is an odd choice in New York ten years after 9/11. But that it became the final plan demonstrates a lack of thought. Ultimately, there is just something asinine about it — something unfathomably childish. More than that, it was pathetic. One hundred people assembled outside an office block and threw paper at the windows; seriously, is this the best that the General Assembly can manage?

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